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About CataSoftware

CataSoftware have been able to cater to the technological requirements of various legal professionals, institution, corporate entities and government bodies, through its software solutions. Acclaimed solutions have been provided by CataSoftware, whose utilizations is dominant in various area of email conversion. CataSoftware's creations are much applauded by millions across the world, composite of both technical and non-technical users.

We are into the production of one of the Best Software Solutions. In the matter of email conversion & email migration, our solutions are dominant for their much proved edge.

Reasons to Choose Our Software Products


Trusted Entity

CataSoftware is a trusted entity offering best & risk-free software solutions. We handle all bits of data securely and pay utmost attention to buyer satisfaction.


Rapid-Response & 24x7 Availability

Here at CataSoftware, we treat or clients & customers with proper attention & respect. Our qualified support staff will always respond to your queries within 2 hours. Our support staff helps you in a ways like - pre-sales queries, software installation, working process etc.


Ease of Use

CataSoftware's products are created with easy-to-use and fast interface that provides entertaining & timely experience during the process of email conversion. Easiness in use has made our complete software suite to be an elegant solution.


Free Demo Availability

All our software are available in Demo that can be used for demonstrating the appropriateness of the software process & its features.


Over 10,000 clients are using our software and successfully satisfying their needs.